Impeachment vote in real time online

Those stuck at work during the proceedings can follow the aftermath of the impeachment trial through an array of Web sites that broadcast the event live.

While there were no surprises in the acquittal of President Clinton in his impeachment trial today, those stuck at work during the proceedings still can follow the aftermath through an array of Web sites.

The Senate voted 55-45 to reject the perjury charge against Clinton, and split 50-50 on the obstruction of justice count, both of which stemmed from Clinton's admitted relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. To remove Clinton from office would have required guilty votes from two-thirds of the Senate.

News sites saw record-setting traffic when independent counsel Kenneth Starr's 445-page report detailing Clinton's alleged crimes hit the Net. It is unlikely, however, that the final chapter in the impeachment trial will see the same clamor online.

"We are at more than 5 million page impressions. But I don't know, the day is only half over," said Michelle Bergman, a spokeswoman for ABC News.com (a CNET News.com partner). "The day the Starr Report went up we got 12 million impressions."

Among the sites featuring live video or audio broadcasts of the vote, in addition to related news, are: CNN, C-SPAN, MSNBC.com, Fox News, and Yahoo.