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iMessage and Apple cloud services down for some

Apple iMessage and several cloud services are down for some users, for more than six hours.

Apple iMessage is having problems for some users today. It's one of several Apple services that's been in trouble for a few hours.

iPhone chat app iMessage and cloud storage services Photostream, Documents in the Cloud, Backup and iPhoto Journals have been down for over six hours.

On its status page, Apple says less than 1 per cent of users are affected by the problems, which sees some unable to send or download attachments in iMessage.

Apple also reports that new users may have been unable to create an Apple ID to sign into iTunes and buy apps, games, music or movies.

Occasional outages happen: just ask the phone networks. Our favourite outage of recent times was when a hapless roadworker cut off Virgin Media customers in Portsmouth from the Internet by accidentally chopping through cables.

This weekend, Google went down for 5 minutes, causing Internet traffic to drop an astonishing 40 per cent.

Are you affected by the outage? What's the worst problem that's ever affected your phone, broadband or other technology? Tell me your thoughts in the comments on on our Facebook wall.