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Iliketotallyloveit combines shopping with eclectic humor is kind of like the deals section of with a much wider array of products and an eye-catching page design.

Last week we covered Shoutback, a shopping site that adds Digg-like voting functionality to a front page and upcoming deals. Iliketotallyloveit is similar, but it has a much wider array of products, and the page design really catches the eye. Every deal gets its own picture and a short description. Deals are voted on by clicking the giant hearts, and doing so toggles between "i like totally love it" and "been there done that." If you've used Digg before, you get the idea.

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To help you find out what's hot on iliketotallyloveit, there's LiveLoveIt, a real-time snapshot of which items people are submitting, voting on, and talking about. The quick view is a nice touch, and when it's really going you can get a feel for which products are up and coming versus what's already been promoted on the front page. Again, it's not much different from Digg's DiggSpy tool, but it's useful nonetheless.

After submitting about a half-dozen URLs, I found that the site didn't manage to grab photos or descriptions. It wasn't too painful to enter the information manually, but it would be nice to have the fields filled out automatically or at least to have pull the product picture in without me having to first save it and then upload it. The one saving grace is a bookmarklet that you can add to your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera are supported) to take you directly to the Add Stuff submission form.

There's a certain charm about iliketotallyloveit. What it lacks in true originality it makes up for in personality and the quality of submitted content. I wish we had come across this site earlier in the month so I could have found some great quirky holiday gifts like a leather-and-chrome Rubik's cube or a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide.