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iLife '09: iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand get a Macworld pimpin'

Apple announced at Macworld today the launch of iLive '09. It includes a new version of iPhoto, and we've got all you need to know

After announcing in its last fiscal year Apple had sold almost 10 million Macs, Apple announced at Macworld today the launch of iLife '09, and it includes a new version of iPhoto.

iPhoto now lets users organise photos using face-detection technology. After detecting a face, users can tag it with a name, then browse other photos featuring the same face. Should iPhoto get it wrong, you can tell it so, and remove the wrong person's photo from the list.

Also new in iPhoto is the ability to organise pictures by their location. So if your photos are geotagged with GPS location information -- say, Paris -- iPhoto will let you browse all the photos you've taken in Paris. No geotagged photos? No worries, since you can add place names yourself.

And with integration with Facebook and Flickr, photos tagged with your friends' names bring their tags with them when synced and downloaded to iPhoto.

Apple has also announced a new version of iMovie as part of iLife '09, as a completely rewritten program, featuring a new 'precision editor', and even software-based image stabilisation.

Contextual menus within the timeline allow for easier editing of video. A demo at the Macworld keynote showed the audio from one clip on the timeline being isolated, cut, then inserted elsewhere on the timeline with a couple of clicks.

A more advanced video editor was demonstrated too, along with some new effects including a bizarre x-ray effect. Video can also be geotagged in iMovie.

There's also a brand new version of GarageBand to go with iLife '09, that goes to new lengths to involve you with your music: by actually teaching you to play instruments.

Called 'Learn To Play' (you don't say!), GarageBand '09 will come with built-in lessons for piano and guitar. And you'll be able to learn to play some of your favourite songs from the likes of Sting, Colbie Caillat, Norah Jones and loads of others, by watching tutorial videos from the artists themselves -- all from right within GarageBand. More tutorials will be added over time, at a price of $4.99 (£3.50) each. It's not clear how many are bundled in.

iLife '09 will be available later this month with new Macs, or for £69 as an upgrade for existing users.