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iCloud has problems as Apple users update to iOS 5

Looks like iCloud doesn't have a silver lining: Apple's new online service is having cirrus problems.

Looks like iCloud doesn't have a silver lining: Apple's new online service is having cirrus problems as iPhone and iPad owners around the world update to iOS 5.

It seems that into every online storage and syncing service a little rain must fall. iCloud's status page announces users "may experience intermittent slowness when logging in to iCloud", as well as suffering problems with email and notes.

Some folks, including users of Apple's existing online service MobileMe attempting to migrate to iCloud, are seeing a blank screen and error messages asking them to try again later. 

iCloud is Apple's new service to store your music, movies, photos, files, apps, email and more in the cloud. It then syncs your stuff across your Apple devices, wirelessly. It's part of the iOS 5 update that launched yesterday, and everybody gets 5GB of storage for free.

iOS 5 was made available for Apple fans to update iPhones, iPods and iPads yesterday, but as millions scrabbled to do just that many encountered problems with the update. The same rush has presumably affected iCloud.

When it's working again, you'll be able to wander lonely as iCloud through assorted new features. We've whipped up a whole skyful of handy how-to guides for iOS 5 and iCloud, teaching you how to use Find My Mac and Back to My Mac, sync iWork with iCloud, and use Photo Stream.

How are you getting on with iOS 5 -- is iCloud raining on your parade? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page. And then check out out our top 50 iOS 5 tips.