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Ice Cream Sandwich widget photos leaked online

Leaked screenshots posted by Android Police display the new widgets for Gmail, e-mail, and the calendar in the latest update of Google's mobile OS.

Google is set to pull the wraps on Ice Cream Sandwich tonight, but a series of leaked screenshots already offer a peek at some of the redesigned widgets in the latest update to Android.

Snapped by someone known as Geek Vundotra and posted online by Android Police, the screenshots show what the Gmail, e-mail, and calendar widgets will apparently look like in the new Ice Cream Sandwich flavor.

The Gmail widget sports a somewhat cleaner interface compared with its Honeycomb counterpart, complete with a different and more readable screen font. The e-mail widget has been given the same coat of paint and looks just like the Gmail version. And the calendar widget also looks more streamlined with a smoother shape and a smaller but more pleasing font for the time and other details.

The folks at Android Police have in the past tapped into screenshots from source Geek Vundotra to show off other ICS features, such as the Google Plus Messenger and Conversations app, now dubbed Chords and the Google Music app.

The official unwrapping of Ice Cream Sandwich is slated to take place tonight as Google and Samsung prepare to host an Android event in Hong Kong. Beyond revealing more about the next version of Android, the event is expected to kick off the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (aka Nexus Prime) as the first phone to carry the new OS.

Ice Cream Sandwich will be Google's first effort to create a single unified operating system that can run across both smartphones and tablets of different shapes and sizes. The company has reportedly been rushing to get ICS out the door to compete with Apple, which just unveiled its iPhone 4S and iOS 5.