IBM wants more 200-MHz Pentiums

IBM extended support for Intel's new 200-MHz Pentium to its PC 300 computers.

A week after announcing support for Intel's new 200-MHz Pentium in its Aptiva line, IBM has extended support for the processing chip to its PC 300 computers.

The 200-MHz models will ship in September, starting at $3,074. To target the business audience, IBM is including its Networking Tools hardware and software package. Also featured is a license for Lotus SmartSuite and Intel ProShare software, as well as tools to design Web pages that the IBM Global Network will host for free for 90 days.

For the home market, IBM will release a new line of Aptiva PCs using the 200-MHz chip this month. Certain models will be available in configurations with a 3.2GB hard disk drive, an 8X CD-ROM drive, and 32MB of RAM, starting at $1,799.

The existing PC 300 line of computers still use Intel processors, starting with the $1,757 PC 330, which uses a 100-MHz Pentium, 256k of level two cache RAM, 16MB RAM, and a 1.2GB hard drive.

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