IBM opens its doors for Windows

Windows, not OS/2, was the operating system du jour for IBM at Comdex.

CNET News staff
At the Comdex trade show in Chicago today, Windows, not OS/2, was the operating system du jour for IBM.

By packaging several new Windows 95 and NT application development and data management products together, the company planned a public show of support for the leading operating system from Microsoft, even though its own OS/2 competes with Windows.

Among the products and developments IBM announced today were:

--VisualAge for Basic, code-named Bart, a scripting technology for Windows NT and OS/2 developers.

--the June 28 availability of IBM Database Server for Windows NT, a database for storing multimedia objects and traditional data.

--Database 2 (DB2) for Windows NT Version 2.1.1, a relational database with an improved graphical user interface for administration. IBM also announced a single-user version of DB2 for Windows 95. In addition, DB2 is shipping for Siemens Nixdorf's SINIX OS and will begin beta tests in June for SCO Unix.

IBM also announced that it is on track to begin beta testing of OpenDoc on Windows in late June.