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Hulu widens virtual-reality app to Oculus, builds a time machine

The virtual "temporal facility" won't sling you to the future, though: It's a VR viewing room for watching Syfy's "12 Monkeys."

Hulu created a new virtual viewing room based on the "12 Monkeys" set.
Hulu created a new virtual viewing room based on the "12 Monkeys" set.

TV-streaming site Hulu has expanded its virtual-reality app to work on the Oculus headset, the high-end VR viewing device made by Facebook-owned Oculus.

Hulu also introduced a new virtual viewing room for "12 Monkeys," a TV show that first airs on Syfy. The gritty, dungeonlike laboratory re-creates the show's "temporal facility." Yes, it puts you in a time machine. (It won't fast-forward you to the unaired season finale, though.)

Hulu debuted its VR app and its first virtual-reality content in March for Samsung Gear VR, months after its original plan to launch last fall. Similar to Hulu's larger rival Netflix, its VR app lets viewers watch its standard-format catalog of regular shows and movies in a virtual, computer-generated living room. In May, Hulu said it would broadcast VR concerts through a partnership with Live Nation.