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Hulu update allows in-feed RSS video viewing

Hulu makes sharing a little easier with a new update that enables viewing videos right in your RSS reader.

Reading blog posts on Google Reader is cool, but creating a feed full of playable video clips is far more entertaining. Video host Hulu's latest update to its sharing tools has done just that, letting you tweak several RSS feeds to automatically include embed code that will let a video play in its entirety right in your feed reader. More importantly, this can double as a simple way to get around any domain restrictions put in place by your IT department to keep you from watching Hulu videos while at work.

To get it to work you simply need to go to this page and pick out any of the feeds then dump it into your feed reader. Make sure to click the "add video" box, which will add the playable video to the feed. One major bummer is that you can't just do this with any video feed (yet), only the nine specialty feeds provided by Hulu. I tried adding the special ending to regular links in my RSS reader, but to no avail.

To go along with this new feature, another update that's less entertaining, but important, are the new buttons that let you share a video not only by e-mail or embedding, but now with the usual smattering of social bookmarking, news, and networking sites like Facebook, Digg, Delicious, et al. Notably missing are other popular services like Mixx, Twitter, and AOL's Propeller.

Hulu's new sharing options now offer eight ways to share a video with others. Previously you were limited to e-mail and URL sharing. CNET Networks
Hulu in Google Reader
Want to watch Hulu videos in your favorite RSS reader? Hulu's got you covered with nine feeds that will serve up playable videos for RSS readers. CNET Networks