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Huge amounts of open source development in Japan

I know everyone has mobile phones but this is ridiculous

Who knew there was so much open source development going on in Japan?

Mule in Japan Dave

The photo is from the Seasar Seminar that I attended today after the SOA (service oriented architecture) seminars we did with our partner OGIS-RI earlier this week.

Seasar is a *hugely* popular open source Java framework that simplifies J2EE applications. I have to admit I was shocked at how many people attended the event on a Sunday and just how many open source projects are being developed in Japan. In our Mule session alone there were guys from 6 different open source projects. Very cool.

There are all kinds of interesting projects that are unique to Japan--for example many focused on the presentation layer of applications--that are not known because they don't have English documentation.

The majority of the projects are started by guys who work for the research group at large corporations and such they have no real designs/desires to turn them into businesses, just to create great products.