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Hudway AR HUD with new voice assist is 'a professional co-driver on your phone'

Hudway, the augmented-reality app that creates a head-up display for driving by reflecting off your windshield, will be updating with voice assist.


Hudway is one of the cleverest driving apps we've seen. You place your Android or iOS phone on your dashboard, and it reflects a head-up display on to your windshield, giving you driving directions in low-visibility driving conditions.

And it's just about to get even more user-friendly, by adding direction-giving voice assistance in a similar manner to what a GPS might do. But it's a little better than that.

"It is more than just a regular assistance in any other GPS navigation app," Hudway co-founder Ivan Klabukov explained to CNET. "Hudway has a new approach to voice assisting in navigation systems. Besides main road intersections, Hudway Voice Assistant alerts you on every dangerous curve on the road ahead, creating an audio-image for the next one-two turns in your head. This is like a professional co-driver on your phone."

Hudway, which uses Google Maps to provide its directions, will be adding the new feature for Pro users on iOS by June, with Android to follow. The app is free to download and use, but a one-off payment of $1.99 (£1.49, AU$2.49) to upgrade to Pro adds features such as customisation and a red warning when approaching a dangerous road.

You can download the app for free from iTunes or Google Play. Check out a demo of the new feature in the video below.