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How to take advantage of Twitter’s new profile page

Love it or hate it, Twitter's new profile page does give you more opportunities to stand out in the Twittersphere.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Those of you on Twitter may have noticed that your profile page now looks bigger (and a touch more Facebook-like). But what can you actually do with this new page? Let's dive in and find out.

First off, to view your new profile page at Twitter's Web site, click the Me icon at the top of the page. You'll see your profile photo and header photo at the top. Given the larger amount of space now up for grabs, you may want to replace either or both of those photos, so let's start there.

Click the Edit Profile button. Twitter opens an in-place editor so you can upload new photos and revise your profile information. Assuming you do want to change your existing photos, you'll first need to find or create new photos as replacements. Twitter suggests a resolution of 400x400 pixels for your profile photo and 1500x500 for your header photo.

Click the Camera icon to change your profile photo. Select one of the three popup options -- Upload photo, Take photo, or Remove. Assuming you choose the option to upload a new photo, select the new photo by browsing to its folder and then double-clicking the image to select it. Twitter then gives you the ability to position and resize your photo. Click Apply when done, and your new photo appears.

Next click the Camera icon to change your header photo. Again, select the option to Upload photo and select the new image from its folder. Twitter gives you the ability to reposition and scale the new header. Click Apply when done, and the new header photo is in place.

As a word of caution, you may need to spend time adjusting your photos in an image editor before they finally look good on Twitter.

You can also take this time to revise the description in your Twitter bio and the color of your Twitter theme. To adjust the theme, click the Theme Color bar and slide the arrows along the scale until you find a color that suits you. Click Done.

To apply all of your changes, click the Save changes button.

What else can you do via your new profile page? You can pin a favorite tweet to the top of the page so that it gets more attention. To do just that, hover over the tweet you wish to pin and click the three dots at the bottom of the tweet.

Twitter displays three options: Share via email, Embed tweet, and Pin to your profile page. Click the third option. Twitter tells you that this tweet will replace any that was previously pinned. Click the Pin button to confirm. That tweet then shoots up to the top of the page. To unpin that tweet, click the three dots and click the option to Unpin from profile page.

Some longtime Twitter users may be put off by the new (and bigger) profile page design. But you can use it to better highlight yourself and your tweets among your Twitter followers.