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How to replay Beats 1 radio shows you missed on Apple Music

You need to dig a bit to find them, but Apple Music now offers full replays of some Beats 1 radio shows.

If you have been spending portions of your day listening to Beats 1 radio, then you may occasionally want to go back and replay a particularly good hour of radio, or listen to a show that you missed. Apple Music has offered playlists of the songs from previously aired Beats 1 shows, and now it has full replays that let you listen to both the songs and commentary, just as if you had listened live the first time around. The replays, however, are cleverly hidden among the clutter of Apple Music.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

To find a replay of a Beats 1 radio show, you must drill down as if you were looking for a playlist of songs from a past show. From the Radio tab, tap the big Beats 1 box at the top (but not the Listen Now button). Next, scroll down to the Featured Shows section and tap on the DJ whose show you want to replay. Now, instead of the Playlists view that comes up, tap Connect and you will see a feed of songs, videos, interviews, and full replays.

Replays aren't offers for every Beats 1 DJ or host, and the descriptions don't always make clear what is a replay. In fact, replays feature the Song label in the Connect feed, making it difficult to know whether a listing is a single song or a full replay.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Replays are basically just a podcast of a previously aired show. It will play in one block and include everything from the original broadcast. One difference between a live show and its replay is the Now Playing banner does not display the current song for replays as it does during a live show. As a result, you can't tap the heart button to like the song currently playing.

(Via Mac Stories)