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How to recover a bricked Samsung Galaxy S2

Been up to no good playing around with your phone's firmware, have we? Left with a lifeless plastic brick? Revive your S2 with this guide.

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Amid all the hoo-ha surrounding the recent botched Android update for the Samsung Galaxy S2, which left many of you twiddling your thumbs waiting for your network to dish out a tasty helping of Ice Cream Sandwich, you may have been tempted to experiment with custom ROMs. But what if it all went terribly wrong?

A plethora of Android 4.0 custom ROMs have emerged of late, and in April we showed you the best custom ROMs available for the S2.

While the whole process of installing a ROM is straightforward, sometimes the flash doesn't go according to plan, and you can be left with a bricked device -- basically an expensive lump of plastic that doesn't even boot up properly.

So if you're regretting taking the gamble (and voiding your warranty), especially now all the major UK networks have upgraded their S2s to the latest version of Google's software, fear not. You can breath life into your little plastic corpse by taking the following steps.

Recovering a bricked handset

Transitioning from a custom ROM to official firmware is relatively easy, but there are times when the process of mucking about with your handset's software can go horribly, horribly wrong. If you find that your Galaxy S2 is unresponsive or is stuck in a 'boot loop', where it never gets past the initial start-up screen, you need to do a spot of recovery. 

Turn off your phone. Hold down home, power and volume up (not down -- that's for download mode). This will enter recovery mode. Use the volume rocker to move down to 'Wipe user data' and press the power button. Once this is complete, switch off the phone and then follow our guide to restoring stock firmware to your phone here. Sing hosannas, your phone will be saved!

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