How to monitor Demo 09 live

The Twitter back channel will be buzzing. Here are the feeds to watch.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
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Rafe Needleman
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As a service to those of you who found your T&E budget cut to the bone and thus unable to support the flight to Palm Desert and the steep admission fee to the Demo 09 conference being held there next week, we present several ways to track the buzz at the show without being at the show itself.

I've put up a lot of ways to keep track of what CNET writers are seeing at the show. This is a bit of an experiment on my part. If you're inclined, let me know (in comments) which works for you, or doesn't.

Demo live video
Go to www.demo.com/live to watch the demos in real-time (or close to it). This page also has a Facebook widget. But the Demo tech audience will be filled with Twitter junkies, so...

Follow CNET and CBS writers me (@Rafe), Daniel Terdiman (@GreeterDan) and Larry Magid (@LarryMagid). We'll be twittering everything that happens at Demo. We'll also be blogging the demos and trends that merit deeper discussions, on our Demo 09 roundup page. That page will have our Twitter feed embedded as well.

This RSS feed will aggregate the Demo 09 twitters from us. You can also open up this CoverItLive window, which will have the same content. There's also the @Demo09 Twitter ID, which is an automated account fed by, again, the Demo twitters from me, Larry, and Daniel. However, it's slow to update.

To follow the twittering of everybody at Demo 09 (or at least everybody who provided the Demo team with their Twitter IDs), follow @DemoChatter. Better yet, to follow everything that people (including us) are saying about Demo 09 everywhere, use Twitter Search or a search-enabled Twitter client like TweetDeck to track the hashtag #Demo09.

The official Demo 09 Twitter feed (yawn) is @DemoTweets.

The leak
The full Demo 09 program guide was also leaked yesterday (it's not supposed to be made public until Monday morning, when the conference opens). You can see it at the Silicon Angle blog. It will tell you who's at the show and what they are showing. I have always found, though, that what's written in the guide is rarely a useful indication of what's going to look good or bad on stage. Be sure to follow the live updates if you want the skinny.