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How to get the secret edge on Amazon Black Friday deals

Amazon Prime members, you're in luck.

Amazon Prime.
Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Black Friday is a few short days away, bringing with it some pretty amazing deals.

Amazon is no exception when it comes to offering its own fair share of discounts. For example, the Amazon Fire TV will be $75, a mystery 60-inch 4K TV will list at $799, and the Kindle Paperwhite will go for an easy $99.

Instead of publishing the deals across its site in one fell swoop, Amazon is instead opting to roll out the deals on a schedule.

Starting Thanksgiving Day, Amazon's "Lightning Deals" will be published between 3 p.m. PT and 11 p.m. PST until Wednesday, December 9. Additionally, Amazon will publish 10 "Deals of the Day" at midnight on Thanksgiving, and another 10 at midnight on Black Friday. Still with me?

So what if you see something you really want, but don't want to take your chances when the item is officially published? According to Amazon, Prime members will have a huge advantage. In fact, Prime members will enjoy a 30-minute head start on the "majority" of Lightning Deals.

But wait, there's more: Prime members in 20 cities can use the Prime Now app to receive free two-hour delivery on "select Deals of the Day" items.

If you're already a Prime member, fantastic. If not, you can either join for $99 per year, or you can activate your 30-day trial. Not only do you get an advantage on the busiest shopping day of the year, but you also get free shipping throughout the holiday season.