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How to fry an egg and fix your floors with an iron

Laminate documents, fix dents in wood floors, remove candle wax and cook breakfast with these handy iron hacks.

Most of us own an iron, but did you know this common household appliance can be used for more than just getting the wrinkles out of clothes?

The video "7 Genius Uses for an Iron You Have to Try," from the Household Hacker YouTube channel, shows how to laminate documents, remove spilled candle wax, make peeling stickers look like new again, smooth out deep carpet impressions made from heavy furniture and seal plastic food packages, just to name a few handy tips.

One of the most unusual iron hacks includes repairing dents in wood floors and furniture. Instead of using wood filler, dab water directly on the dent and place a moist washcloth on top. Set the iron to high and move it over the top of the damp washcloth in a slow circular motion for about a minute. The dent disappears.

Hungry? Turn your iron upside down, set it on high and use it as a makeshift hotplate to cook food like eggs on a frying pan.

Personally, I always loved making grilled cheese sandwiches using an iron. Build your sandwich with bread and cheese -- I like to butter the outside of the sandwich to make it extra tasty. Wrap it in aluminum foil, then press it down with a hot iron for four minutes on each side. Soon you have a delicious, hot sandwich.

What are your favorite alternative uses for an iron?