How to download your Google Calendar appointments

The ability to save and export your Gmail messages is rolling out as well.

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Lance Whitney
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Need to back up or export your Google Calendar appointments? You can now download them directly from Google.

As of Thursday, Google offers you the ability to save a zip file of your Google Calendar data, either all of your calendars or just select ones if you juggle multiple calendars. The process takes a few steps but is relatively straightforward.

Log into Gmail. Click on your account picture in the upper right corner, and select the link for Account. On the Accounts page, click on the link to Download your data and then click on the button to Create an archive.

Google displays a list of all the services available for export. Assuming you're not opting for the entire batch, deselect the ones you don't want and make sure Calendar is selected. Click on the Edit button next to Calendar to include all calendars or only certain ones. Click on the Done button and then click on the Create Archive button.

Google preps your archive as a zip file. Click on the Download button. Re-enter your Google password if prompted. Now save the file to your hard drive. Extracting the zip file reveals several folders, including one for your appointments and one for your profile photos. Your appointments are formatted as an ICS file, which you can save as a backup or import into Yahoo, Outlook, iCalendar, and similar services.

In a blog posted Thursday, Google software engineer Nick Piepmeier said the same backup feature will roll out for Gmail over the next month. You can also download your Google data from Google Contacts, Google+, YouTube, Google Drive, and other services.