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How to add to other TikTok videos using the Stitch feature

Duets aren't the only way share your own take on someone else's video.

TikTik is adding more features that allow users to contribute to each other's content.
Angela Lang/CNET

Arguably half the fun of TikTok is in watching creators react or contribute to videos by other users. This is commonly done through the short-form video app's Duet feature, but the company has also rolled out a feature called Stitch that lets you clip and weave in scenes from another creator's video into your own. This lets you reinterpret or contribute to other content on the platform. 

Here's how to use Stitch:

  1. First open the TikTok app and find the video you'd like to Stitch. Click on the "Send to" button.
  2. Then hit "Stitch."
  3. Choose up to five seconds from the video you're pulling from. 
  4. Record what you'd like to add to the Stitched clip.
  5. Stitch together the videos.

Stitched videos attribute the original creator in the new video's caption, and that attribution links to the original video. 

You can choose in your app's settings whether you'd like to enable others to Stitch your content. You can access this on the Privacy and Safety page under "Settings and Privacy." There, you can enable or disable Stitch for all your videos. Alternatively, you can toggle this option for each video you upload.

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