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Why you should be intrigued by Reddit's r/MildlyInteresting

Social Studies: Today, I'm checking out the subreddit called MildlyInteresting, a place where people try to strike a balance between interesting and uninteresting. You get to be the judge.

Social Studies looks at what's trending on social media throughout the day so you don't have to.

As you probably know, Reddit has subreddits for news, gaming, pics, jokes, movies and other ordinary topics, but sometimes the most interesting are the ones made by the community. They give the people of Reddit the ability to laugh at themselves and also get in on the joke.

Last week I wrote posts about ShowerThoughts and OddlySatisfying. Today, I'm going to look at MildlyInteresting.

You might be asking, why would anyone want to read about anything that's only mildly interesting? I think what makes this subreddit great is people finding the perfect middle-ground between interesting and uninteresting, so every time you read one, you get to judge whether it really fits the topic of mildly interesting.

Sounds weird, I know, but have a look at this one to see what I mean:

The sunlight makes this grape look like the chosen one. from mildlyinteresting

See? It IS mildly interesting! Check out some more:

Rain drops in a motor oil oil patch produce different colors from mildlyinteresting

To me, that IS legitimately interesting. I like it, but should it be in this subreddit?

The "missing kid" on my Visa bill envelope would be 81 if he's still alive from mildlyinteresting

Okay, I'm not saying we shouldn't keep looking, but let's be realistic.

These leaves near the street lamp turned red earlier than the rest from mildlyinteresting

I would have guessed the rest of the leaves would have turned while the ones in the light would remain green. Either way, that's mildly interesting.

This sticker was put on upside down. from mildlyinteresting

Yeah, this would imply the natural state of the truck is upside down. It also implies the driver is mildly stupid. Still, it's mildly interesting!