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How real is DSL?

The PC heavyweights may give telcos a much-needed shot in the arm by working to develop digital subscriber line hardware and software while hedging their bets on cable modem services.

Compaq, Intel, and Microsoft may give telephone companies--notorious for their laggard efforts in the Internet space, such as with ISDN--a much-needed shot in the arm by working to develop DSL (digital subscriber line) hardware and software while hedging their bets on cable modem services like @Home. But even if the PC heavyweights succeed in ironing out disagreements over standards, the question remains whether the venture will be more about actual technology than about marketing.

Compaq, MS, Intel unveil DSL plan
by Jim Davis
lead story The three companies describe a consortium that will promote technology for high-speed Internet access.

Compaq, MS, Intel to detail DSL
by Michael Kanellos
Three of high tech's most influential companies, as well as a host of partners, will converge in Washington to describe plans for jump-starting high-speed access.

Ameritech, Compaq partner on DSL
by Jeff Pelline
Already in a deal with Microsoft to provide DSL service, Ameritech says it will partner with Compaq to make its service user-friendly.

DSL vendor targets providers
by Jeff Pelline
Tut Systems begins customer trials of a product that lets phone companies and ISPs deploy high-speed Net access.

What the big guys want from DSL
by Jim Davis
The specific roles that Compaq, Microsoft, and Intel are likely to play will be key for advancing the high-speed Net access scheme.

Compaq, Microsoft, Intel try to light a fire
by Alex Lash
update The effort by the PC giants to push higher bandwidth isn't surprising, given that the Internet is seen as the growth engine for the industry.

Cable companies still lead in race
by Michael Kanellos
Cable modem services will face stiff competition from DSL technology.

Is new deal more marketing than technology?
by Jeff Pelline and Stephanie Miles
news analysis What's in a name? If you're Microsoft, Intel, or Compaq, that's enough to jump-start exotic technologies that have yet to prove themselves.

"DSL lite" provider in the spotlight
by Paul Festa
Aware, a small DSL provider, watches its stock leap more than 27 percent after gaining the attention of industry giants Microsoft, Intel, and Compaq.

Lucent touts high-speed modem
by Michael Kanellos
Later this year, Lucent will year release a new technology that radically boosts downloading speeds but doesn't require major investments or equipment overhauls.