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Frank Underwood would 'take Trump down,' says 'House of Cards' co-star

The Donald wouldn't fare well on the hit Netflix series, according to the man behind Frank Underwood's diabolical and conflicted henchman.

"The butchery begins" - Frank Underwood from the new season of "House of Cards."
Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Donald Trump wouldn't last long in the (hopefully) exaggerated world of Washington politics portrayed in the hit Netflix series "House of Cards" -- as long as Doug Stamper is on the scene.

At least that's the latest hot take on the leading Republican candidate for president in the real world, coming from the (very underrated) actor Michael Kelly who plays Stamper, fictional President Underwood's political and literal hit-man in the series.

"Frank and Doug would take his ass down," Kelly told the International Business Times in the below interview ahead of the season 4 premiere on Friday.

Stamper is such a complicated and tortured character on the show that it's tough to know exactly what he means. Are we talking about some devastating opposition research? Or would Stamper do something like he did at the end of season 3 or what Underwood himself did to a journalist earlier in the series?

Kelly makes it clear that he, himself, is certainly not a fan of The Donald, so that may be influencing his apparent lack of respect for the reality TV star's hypothetical ability to duplicate his stunning and successful campaign on, uh, non-reality TV, I guess?

We haven't heard of any plans for Trump to make a guest appearance on "House of Cards," so unless some weird trick of quantum physics makes Doug Stamper spring to life in our universe, the "Teflon Don" should be safe from his ire.

As for Kelly himself, he assures us the man behind the creepy character is really quite a nice, happy guy. Phew.