HotWired Dissects <i>Time</i>

CNET News staff
If you're still miffed over the great Net smut debate, check out HotWired's take (at http://www.hotwired.com/special/pornscare/) on Time magazine's recent cyberporn cover story.

This multifaceted postmortem titled "JournoPorn" starts off with an editorial decrying Time's all too obvious "anti-populist" leanings, and then moves on to an in-depth interview with Philip Elmer-DeWitt, author of the Time article.

In the interview, Elmer-DeWitt defends the timing of the piece, which he claims was coincidental. The cyberporn issue, which featured a wide-eyed tot presumably staring at a PC tube (could just be a Cap'n Crunch hangover after watching too many Saturday morning cartoons), hit newsstands just in time for Senator James Exon to wave it on the Senate floor.