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Hotmail and Outlook down, Microsoft says it's working on it

Some Hotmail and Outlook users might not be receiving emails, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft has confirmed that its Hotmail and Outlook online email services have been hit by an ongoing fault, which is preventing users from receiving emails sent to their accounts.

A status message posted last night confirms the fault, and has been recently updated with an apology, which says that the problem is still ongoing. "Fixing the problem is taking longer than we hoped," the company says, adding that users could expect another update by 5.12pm.

Details about the exact nature of the problems and the number of users affected are scant, and the "you might not be able to see all your email messages" statement too vague to assess the extent of damage.

The Outlook and Hotmail websites are both still working, so this doesn't appear to be a complete outage. I've received emails to my personal account over the past few hours, suggesting the issue probably isn't affecting all users. A quick test in the CNET office saw a message sent from a Gmail account to an Outlook account arrive in a mere 30 seconds.

Not knowing which emails you might not be receiving is a right pain, particularly if you rely on the service for work. A Gmail outage in December caused widespread outrage among office workers around the globe, as they found themselves unable to access their email accounts or Google Drive for nearly 20 whole minutes. Imagine!

Hotmail itself is not long for this world, as Microsoft is currently in the process of migrating millions of users over to accounts.

Have you been affected by the Hotmail issues, or are you worried you might have been? Drop us a note in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.