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Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC is only $20 right now

If you haven't played through this game, there's still time to enjoy it before the sequel drops.


It's rare these days for a game to reach "instant classic" status, but Horizon Zero Dawn is absolutely that. The action, storytelling, and visuals set the bar impossibly high for a sequel, and yet that's exactly what PlayStation 5 owners have to look forward to in the not-too-distant future. For PC players, there's a good chance the wait for a sequel will be a little longer. To help ease your suffering, you can tell all of your other PC gamer friends how awesome this game is, and they can enjoy it for only $19.59 if they pick it up today. 

This discount may not be as good as Sony offering it for free to PS4 owners during COVID, but less than $20 is a fantastic deal for this game. It's challenging, the replay value is incredibly high, and if you have a TV with HDR support, the views are just incredible. Horizon Zero Dawn belongs in every gamer's library, and the Complete Edition on offer here includes the impressively challenging Forbidden Wilds expansion. Enjoy it for yourself or give it as a gift and blow someone else's mind.