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Honey Flow bee breakin' crowdfunding records

How a beehive became one the most successful campaigns on Indiegogo.

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Have you ever bought fresh honey from a farmers market? I haven't either. It's too expensive. But those free samples are delicious. They taste so much better than anything you can get in the store that I was actually, for a brief moment, tempted by Honey Flow (ignoring the fact that I have no place in my San Francisco apartment for a beehive).

Australian father-and-son team Cedar and Stu Anderson invented this new hive as a way to safely extract honey without disturbing the bees. The Andersons figured they needed about $70,000 to get started. After 15 minutes on Indiegogo, they'd raised $250,000, and according to their website, Honey Flow became:

  • The fastest to reach $1 million
  • The fastest to reach $2 million
  • The most successful crowdfunding campaign ever launched outside the US

It's worth noting that not everyone is sweet on Honey Flow. A lot of critics, particularly from the traditional beekeeping community, say the hive's plastic combs are dangerous for bees.