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Homer and Marge Simpson release video, insist they're not splitting

TV's longest-married animated couple releases a YouTube video to set the record straight about claims they'll be separating next season. Truth? Or carefully crafted animated-celebrity damage control?

Homer and Marge Simpson assured their fans in a YouTube video that they're not splitting up for good, in case the giant banner that says "TOGETHER FOREVER" didn't clue you in.Video screenshot by Danny Gallagher/CNET

When a fictional husband and wife issue a statement regarding the state of their fictional marriage, you know the world cares deeply about them -- and they care deeply what the world thinks.

Late Friday afternoon, a video appeared on the YouTube page for Fox Network's Animation Domination featuring Marge and Homer Simpson addressing "baseless rumors" regarding the state of their marriage. Homer assured the fans that, despite recent reports, his marriage to his beloved blue-beehived bride is "as solid as a rock."

This declaration comes in between some well-written gags from Marge about how CNN broke the story, followed by "the real news" reporting it, and Homer suffering a possible permanent eye injury on-camera at Maggie's tiny, adorable hands.

The Simpsons marriage talk started last Sunday when the show's Executive Producer Al Jean said in an interview with Variety that Homer and Marge Simpson would legally separate in the 27th season of Fox's long-running animated sitcom.

He teased it as part of a plotline involving a character voiced by "Girls'" star Lena Dunham as a possible love interest for the heartbroken Homer. The news practically broke the Internet -- you'd have thought Homer did a tasteful nude pictorial for Paper Magazine or something.

The below video statement, filmed on a set strewn with flower petals, should rest any uneasiness you might have about the Simpsons' marriage. Homer and Marge are not going to break up and everything is fine (or so they want you and the likes of TMZ to think). Those of you who are disappointed Marge isn't going back on the market, however, will just need to learn to get over it because she's a cartoon character and if she were real, she probably wouldn't go out with you anyway.

Season 27 of "The Simpsons" lands on Fox on September 27.