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Holo app is like a cross between Pokemon Go and Snapchat

8i startup just raised $27 million in funding for its upcoming AR app.

Have you even taken a video and thought to yourself, "man, this would be way better with a holographic meme?"

Well, eccentric videographer, Los Angeles-based 8i has just the app for you. Holo, scheduled for release later this year, lets you impose holographs of celebrities, memes and more atop pictures and videos taken by your phone's camera. You can see a tech demo for the app, still in beta-testing phase, above.

It's vaguely reminiscent of Pokemon Go, where Pokemon were overlaid on imagery shot by your camera. The social element of capturing goofy pictures and videos to share with friends will sound familiar to any of Snapchat's 158 million daily users.

The company just raised $27 million in series B funding, with the likes of Time Warner, Verizon and Chinese giant Baidu pitching in.

The app will at first be exclusive to phone's equipped with Tango, Google's AR platform that can map the inside of rooms and buildings, but will eventually make its way to all Android devices, 8i CEO Steve Raymond said to Variety.

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