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Hitachi teams up for data management

Hitachi Data Systems announces a partnership with content management software company IXOS and introduces software for managing storage networks.

Continuing its effort to help companies handle data, Hitachi Data Systems on Monday announced a partnership with content management software company IXOS.

Data storage device maker Hitachi will provide its customers with IXOS' archiving and content management software and will integrate IXOS' products into its storage management software suite, the companies said. The first Hitachi offerings that stem from the joint effort are a pair of e-mail archiving products.

"Addressing the storage requirements for unstructured content such as e-mail is a priority at Hitachi Data Systems," Ken Beaudry, general manager of Hitachi's Global Solutions Services unit, said in a statement. "Providing a level of intelligence to the storage and management of these diverse content types is critical, and our partnership with IXOS enables us to accelerate our data lifecycle management offerings."

Hitachi Data Systems is one of a number of companies that sell gear for holding large amounts of data. Like other storage companies, Hitachi has been working on "information lifecycle management" products, technology for helping companies assign data to storage devices depending on its value over time. Data that is critical to a business this week, for example, may deserve a spot on an expensive, high-end device, but later on could be moved to a less costly machine.

Message Archive for Compliance is one of the first products from the Hitachi-IXOS joint effort. The software lets companies retain an archive of e-mail and instant messages for the fixed period of time mandated by regulatory requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, according to Hitachi. The other product is called Message Archive for E-mail and is designed to remove in-box size limits.

Hitachi isn't the only storage company teaming up to improve its data lifecycle management product. Storage device maker EMC recently announced it would buy Documentum, which makes content management software.

Separately, Hitachi announced a partnership with AppIQ and said it has the option to take an equity stake in the storage software company. Among the new Hitachi software products to stem from the AppIQ deal is "HiCommand Storage Services Manager," which is for managing a storage infrastructure that includes products from multiple companies, according to Hitachi.

Hitachi also introduced software called HiCommand Protection Manager, which is designed to simplify businesses' management of data replication and movement.