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Hitachi ships notebook PCs in U.S.

Two new product lines are designed for fast communications and networking.

Hitachi PC on Monday will announce shipments of its first notebook PCs in the U.S. market, as previously reported by CNET.

Hitachi is shipping two lines of notebooks designed for fast communications. Both product lines include built-in 28.8-kbps fax-modems, PC Card slots, fast Mobile Pentium processors, extra-large LCD screens, full-size keyboards, and a choice of Windows 95 or Windows for Workgroups.

The ultra-light Hitachi C Series is less than 1.5 inches thick and weighs only 5.3 pounds. A complete package of communications hardware and software is included for dial-up Internet access, sending or receiving faxes, paging, email, and quality audio, Hitachi said.

A notebook in the C series with a 90-MHz Mobile Pentium processor, an 11.3-inch dual-scan LCD screen, a 720MB hard drive, and 8MB of RAM is priced at $2,199. With a 120-MHz processor, an 11.8-inch active-matrix screen, and a 1GB hard drive, the price is $4,569.

The network-ready Hitachi M Series notebook adds a 10BaseT LAN port and resources for multimedia presentations, as well as a removable 4X or 6X CD-ROM drive, stereo speakers, a "sliding hinge" display, and an internal A/C power adapter.

The M Series notebook is slightly more than 2 inches thick and weighs 7.3 pounds, including its standard Duracell battery and two Type II PC Card slots.

The M Series notebook with a 100-MHz Pentium processor, a 10.4-inch active-matrix LCD screen, 8MB of RAM, and a 720MB hard drive is priced at $3,999. With a 133-MHz Pentium processor, an 11.8-inch active-matrix LCD, 16MB of RAM, and a 1GB hard drive, the price is $5,499.

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