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Hipster ambient-noise generator hints at beards, high-end coffee

Surround yourself with the comforting clinks of coffee cups and murmurs of people with beautiful mustaches with the Hipster Sound generator.

Hipster Sound
Bring the sounds of a coffee house with you wherever you go.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I'm standing here at my desk in my raw-denim jeans, drinking extra-dark-roast coffee I lovingly made by slowly pouring hot water through the grounds inside a paper filter. I'm surrounded by the low buzz of a third-wave coffee shop. If I were a guy, I'd be googling mustache wax.

I'm actually in my home office and the soundtrack to my work morning is provided by Hipster Sound, an online ambient-noise generator.

I decide it's time for a change of location, so I open the menu and dial up "ocean lounge" sounds. Now the waves are crashing near my hipster coffee house. It's time to get a little more retro, so I add in the "piano bar" option.

I hear a woman laughing. I wonder if she's talking about her latest vintage thrift-store find. It's a little distracting, so it's time to head across the Atlantic Ocean. I switch over to the Paris cafe sound generator. It makes me want to whip up some artisanal crepes using regionally produced flour.

The noise generator first popped up on the Internet's radar four days ago when creator Maksim Razbo posted it to Product Hunt, a site that curates new apps, sites and tech gear.

Hipster Sound is really pretty soothing. If you're used to working in coffee houses or cafes, you can use these captured soundscapes to help you focus in a quiet room or to drown out the dull day-to-day sounds of your office environment.

It may be easy to make fun of hipsters, but they have some good things going. Thank you, Hipster Sound, for making me feel like I know all the cool places to hang out even when it's just me alone in my home office. Now I'm going to go google mustache wax anyway.

(Via Design Taxi)