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Hillary Clinton iPhone app aims to drum up and reward supporters

The new app is designed to help build support for the Democratic presidential candidate by giving you certain tasks to complete.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

"Hillary 2016" isn't just a campaign slogan. It's also a new iOS app designed for people who want to see Hillary Clinton as the next president.

Launched on Sunday for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the app is served up by the Hillary for America campaign. Hillary 2016 tests your knowledge about the pressing issues, offers daily challenges to help elect Clinton, shares news and information about the Democratic candidate and gives you the ability to set up your own virtual campaign headquarters.

You can also compete against friends and fellow Hillary supporters to see who knows the most about Clinton, and recruit other friends to join in.

The new app underscores the importance that personal technology plays in the campaign. Both Clinton and Trump have been using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook extensively to reach prospective voters.

The Trump campaign has no mobile app of its own, though Trump detractors have unveiled apps that spoof the Donald, including Trump Dump and Punch the Trump. The Clinton campaign itself has joined in on the hijinks by releasing Trump Yourself, an app that overlays Trump's more controversial comments on your Facebook page.

Hillary 2016 is geared toward keeping you focused on the Clinton campaign. It counts down how many days are left until Election Day, offers a regular series of challenges and points you to the latest news, quizzes and events about the election.

The app isn't afraid to take on Donald Trump either. One quiz asks you to figure out which Trump comments are true and which aren't. "Donald Trump has made so many outrageous statements over the years that it's hard to know what's Trump and what's false," it says.

You can also get rewards, both digital and real. For example, one reward promises an autographed souvenir signed by Hillary.

"This new app will bring the experience of a campaign office directly to users so they can take part in the campaign without ever having to set foot in the campaign office -- expanding volunteer opportunities to new heights," a spokeswoman for Hillary for America said in an email.

The app will be updated in the coming weeks and months, the rep added.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment.