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What it looks like when you try to build Ikea furniture while high

In the new YouTube series "Hikea," you'll watch the highs and lows of people attempting that dreaded activity -- assembling Ikea dressers and desks -- after taking hallucinogens.

Few of us feel sane after hours attempting to put together modernist Swedish furniture with confusing instructions and a simple piece of metal. But what if you tried to construct an Ikea dresser while under the influence?

New YouTube webseries "Hikea" films regular people (who happen to be high) struggling to do just that.

"Building Ikea furniture is hard," Hikea Productions says on its YouTube page. "Building it under the influence is much, much harder. But it's something many of us have experienced. It's a struggle that's nearly universal."

Each episode introduces a new drug, new characters and a new piece of furniture.

Highlights of "Giancarlo & Nicole + LSD," posted this week, include the dosing duo being easily distracted, staring way too close to the printed instructions and a lot of giggling. The dresser takes almost four hours to build.

In "Keith + Shrooms," also posted this week, Keith calls the instruction manual a "book of lies" and then almost quits. But five and a half hours later the desk is complete -- even though he skips 12 steps.