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Hey, tech-fashion police! Don't blow your whistles so quickly

When it comes to strutting their stuff in public, technology CEOs are far from a hoodie-loving crowd of look-alikes.

After Mark Zuckerberg arrived for a meeting this week with potential investors wearing, of all things, a "hoodie," Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter got so worked up that he described the Facebook CEO's attire as a "mark of immaturity" and a demonstration of a lack of respect for investors.

There's been no shortage of commentary about Zuckberberg's seeming faux pas, and it (temporarily?) revived the stereotype of the socially clueless geek who couldn't tell the difference between a cummerbund and a cinnamon bun. But don't jump to conclusions.

While there is at least a kernel of truth to the notion of nerd couture -- yes, Silicon Valley long ago dumped the formal suit and tie for a more casual look where T-shirt and jeans are now perfectly acceptable in the workplace -- let's not paint with too broad a brush. In fact, as you'll see in the accompanying photo essay, notwithstanding this latest controversy involving hoodie and the blowhards, there's no shortage of sartorial sharpies who hold down day jobs as tech CEOs.

As always, generalizations are misleading and it's a varied lot out there. Here are a few of our faves for your consideration. (And don't forget to send in your favorite tech fashionistas in the comments section below.)