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Here's what Amazon has in store for Black Friday week

Stop! Before you order a Kindle, Fire tablet or Fire TV stick, check out the price drops coming soon.

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James Martin/CNET

As you've no doubt discovered, November has officially gone black -- as in "Black Friday," which used to be a single day of sales but now spans the entire month.

Amazon, for its part, tends to keep sale plans close to the vest, at least when it comes to its own products. After all, why announce price cuts on, say, a Fire tablet weeks in advance, and lose out on potential sales at the regular price?

Don't know, don't care. Here's what I do know: Amazon just revealed some major deals for the week leading up to Thanksgiving. So keep your credit-card holstered if you're interested in any of the following:

  • Starting Nov. 22, the Kindle e-reader will be $49.99, a discount of nearly 40 percent.
  • Starting Nov. 26 (aka Thanksgiving Day), the Fire TV Stick will sell for $24.99 -- also nearly 40 percent off.
  • The same day, you'll be able to grab the 7-inch Fire tablet , normally $49.99, for $34.99.

Again, I'm a little mystified by the timing. Just yesterday, Amazon offered the Kindle e-reader for $59.99. Anyone who jumped on that deal may want to seek out a price-match come Nov. 22.

I am not, however, complaining. While I'm sure Roku will offer a similar deal on its Streaming Stick, the Fire TV Stick is an outright steal at that price.

And the Fire tablet for $35? Wow. It's by no means a perfect product, but that is singled-handedly the best tablet deal I've ever seen, period.

Your thoughts?