Here's how to screen-record with an Xbox or PlayStation controller in iOS 15

With Apple's iOS 15, you can use a game controller to start and stop your iPhone screen recording.

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Capturing clips in a game is easier in iOS 15. 

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Apple's newest operating system, iOS 15, was released in September and added features like better map directions and the ability to FaceTime with Android users. The new OS also offers a new way for gamers to share gameplay. While screen recording isn't new to the operating system, iOS 15 will let players start and stop screen recording easily with a connected PS5 or Xbox controller.

Apple added the ability to use game controllers to capture media last year, but ReplayKit now lets you turn on automatic background buffering. With a long press on the controller, you can capture the last 15 seconds of gameplay -- so you can easily record and share a great move or epic battle. During WWDC 2021, Nat Brown, who works on game technologies at Apple, said there's also an API that can capture game highlights programmatically

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How to record your screen with a game controller

If you're using a controller while gaming on iOS 15 and want to record your screen, here's how to do it:

1. Connect your controller via Bluetooth settings if you haven't already.

2. Once the controller is paired, go to Settings > General > Game Control. Once your device is updated to iOS 15, you'll see a new section called Share Gestures and can make customizations from there. 

3. While in the game, long-press the Share button on your controller. If you press the Share button too quickly, it'll just take a screenshot. 

4. Your phone should display a prompt asking if you want to screen-record in the game. Tap Record Screen if you want to, or Don't Allow if you don't. 

5. If you tap Record Screen, you'll get a little notification that says Recording Video Started.

6. To stop screen-recording, long-press the Share button again. 

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