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Here's how to request a verified account on Twitter

Want the blue checkmark that accompanies a verified account on Twitter? You can now ask for it.

Oscar Gutiérrez/CNET

Twitter on Tuesday announced it is now accepting requests to verify a specific Twitter accounts.

You can request verification for a personal account, in addition to one belonging to a brand or company. Previously, there was a mysterious process for getting verified.

Before filling out the form, Twitter requires an account has the following:

  • A verified phone number
  • A confirmed email address
  • A bio
  • A profile photo
  • A birthday (for accounts that are not company, brand or organization accounts)
  • A website
  • Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings

Beyond the basic account settings, you'll also need to explain why a specific account should be verified. You'll be asked for links to websites to "support" your request, and you may be asked to send in copies of an ID card. For a complete list of requirements and additional information Twitter may ask for, be sure to read through this support document.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

When you're ready, you can fill out this form to request verification. Log into the account you are requesting verification for, then follow the prompts.

At time of writing, a placeholder page initially appeared, indicating the feature was rolling out over the course of the coming days. After a few refreshes, however, the verification form seen above appeared. If you see the same message, keep checking back.