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Pokemon Go players walk extra 2,000 steps daily, study says

There's a new reason to play Pokemon Go -- and it doesn't even involve new Pokemon.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you're addicted to Pokemon Go, that's great -- for your health, according to a study presented to the American Heart Association on Wednesday.

The study -- which tracked 167 players -- found that people walked an average of almost 2,000 additional steps every day after embarking on Niantic's location-based monster-hunting game. This translates to an eight percent lower risk of heart attack or stroke in high-risk people, said researchers.

Players who led a more sedentary lifestyle before becoming Pokemon hunters were the bigger winners -- they clocked almost 3,000 additional steps per day.

Participants were also nearly twice as likely to achieve the daily step goal of 10,000 recommended by the National Health Service after playing Pokemon Go -- they crossed 10,000 steps almost 28 percent of days after playing, as compared to 15 percent before, according to the study.

The study backs up findings of a similar survey from last year, which, three months after the game's release, found that US players were walking around 1,400 extra steps each day.

So go forth and catch 'em all right now -- there are 80 new Pokemon, after all. But while you are out and about, make sure to pay attention to your surroundings.

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