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Here come Zynga's Bubble Safari spin-offs

Zynga takes advantage of the game's success and launches Bubble Safari Ocean and Bubble Safari on mobile.

Bubble Safari Ocean

When Zynga has a hot game, it knows exactly what to do: Make more versions of it.

The social-gaming company just announced the launch of Bubble Safari Ocean and Bubble Safari for mobile, two new arcade-style games based on Zynga's popular Facebook game Bubble Safari.

Bubble Safari Ocean is already live on Facebook, and Bubble Safari mobile is expected to be available in the Apple App Store later today.

"There's something oddly satisfying about popping bubbles," VP of Zynga games Tom Casey wrote in a blog post. "Maybe it's the sense of power and control? Perhaps it's the comforting sound of a well-placed 'pop'? Or maybe it's the part where a monkey, hell-bent on a quest to rescue his lost love from angry poachers, shoots fireballs out of a cannon to magically transform bubbles into fruit? Whatever the reason (we think it's that last one), people love bubble shooter games."

Bubble Safari is currently ranked No. 12 among Facebook applications, with 21.8 million monthly active players. The new mobile app features a new map, 89 new levels, and new bubble rack designs.

Bubble Safari Ocean, available in 13 languages, is the same game with a morbid, underwater twist: "Players must free Crabby Joe's babies trapped in air bubbles as they claw on for dear life. Shoot bubbles to set the babies free and rack up big scores to progress to the next level," Casey writes.

Though Bubble Safari can also be played on Zynga.com, it's unclear when Bubble Safari Ocean will end up there as well.