What to expect in 2017, according to Twitter

Social Cues: Trends on social media include the sexiest man alive and yet another viral challenge.

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Here's a headline you can probably expect to see in 2017.

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The unpredictability of 2016 means all bets are off for 2017. Twitter users have created a hashtag to predict next year's news. The results are pretty wild.

Meanwhile, Facebook users are conquering a new challenge. The mannequin challenge is so last week.

Social Cues is our guide to what people are talking about on Facebook and Twitter. Here's what is trending on social media this Tuesday:

#HeadlinesFor2017: People are already looking toward the new year. Let's face it, 2016 has had its share of downers, not least of which were the deaths of icons like David Bowie, Prince and Harambe. Twitter has some ideas about what's ahead. This hashtag predicts California's secession, a memorial for Harambe and everyone's nightmare scenario: 2016 repeating itself. What are your #Headlinesfor2017?

#SexiestManAlive: Despite my constant lobbying, once again I did not win the prestigious title. This year the honor went to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who, I must admit, is a worthy opponent. The accolade comes atop Johnson's status as the highest-paid actor in the world. You apparently can have it all.

#UNameItChallenge: Another week, another viral challenge. The food-themed dance challenge comes just in time for Thanksgiving. The "song" is a remix of gospel singer Shirley Caesar listing off all the food she's making for Thanksgiving -- you name it, she's got it. Facebook users have taken on the challenge with their own videos of the catchy tune, mashing it up with videos of Beyonce or making their own versions. Even R&B superstar Chris Brown jumped in on the fun on Instagram.

#BlackBarbies: Rapper Nicki Minaj dropped a surprise track on Tuesday in a remix to Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles." Sremmurd's track is already topping charts thanks to the Mannequin Challenge. Minaj's fans on Twitter quickly helped the song become the top trending topic there with more than 12,000 tweets shortly after its release.

Rudy Giuliani: We almost made it through a full Social Cues without referencing politics. Former New York mayor and Donald Trump advocate Rudy Giuliani is rumored to be one of the president-elect's top choices for secretary of state. More than 99,000 people were talking about Giuliani on Facebook in the hour since the news started trending Tuesday.

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