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HBO Max's ad-supported service will reportedly run $10 per month

Getting ads with your HBO Max will save you $5.

Angela Lang/CNET

WarnerMedia's ad-supported HBO Max is coming in June, and a new report suggests that it will have a slight discount compared with the existing ad-free offering. According to CNBC, those who don't mind seeing advertising with their HBO Max media will be able to get the ad-supported offering for $10 per month. 

The regular ad-free version of HBO Max runs $15 per month, so the ads amount to a $5 monthly savings. WarnerMedia declined to comment when asked by CNET about the report. 

WarnerMedia parent AT&T has talked up the ad-supported tier a few times over the past couple of months, providing a few additional details ahead of the June launch. At its March analyst event, the company said that those on this version of HBO Max won't be able to stream new Warner Bros. theatrical releases such as The Suicide SquadDune and The Matrix 4. Original HBO shows also won't have ads inserted into them when viewed on this version of HBO Max.  

During its earnings call earlier this month the company reiterated the June timing and teased bundling the ad-supported HBO Max with some of its other products. One possibility is adding the streaming service to some of the wireless plans offered by its prepaid Cricket brand. 

AT&T also disclosed that it had 63.9 million subscribers to HBO and HBO Max. 

HBO Max is the priciest of the major streaming services, but the $10 monthly rate, if this report is true, would make the ad-supported HBO Max more competitive with rivals such as Disney Plus ($8 per month) and Netflix ($9 per month for the cheapest, Basic plan).