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Hashtag games make Twitter users get creative

Social Studies: Twitter isn't just about news and status updates. People also create games using hashtags where others can contribute to see who can be the most creative and get the most laughs.

From serious news to running jokes, Twitter has made people express themselves in just 140 characters in the most creative ways possible to get their point across. But another cool thing that happens on Twitter is when people start a hashtag game that revolves around a person, TV show or movie. Hashtag games can generate thousands of Tweets as people come up with creative ways to expand on a topic.

Today people on Twitter got nostalgic for 90s hit TV show "Friends", starting a game called #FriendsTVIn5Words. Lets get the obvious ones out of the way first:

Here are some that are not so obvious, but die-hard "Friends" fans will remember:

Then it starts getting really obscure:

Can you think of other five-word descriptions for "Friends"? Let us know in the comments!