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Has Google CEO Larry Page ditched Google Plus?

Googleboss Larry Page hasn't posted publicly on his Google Plus profile for over a month. Is the Facebook-rival on the way out?

Google CEO Larry Page hasn't posted publicly on his Google Plus profile for over a month. Is Google's ambitious new Facebook rival in decline?

Page's last status update was on 15 August, which calendar enthusiasts will tell you was yonks ago.

It's possible that the Google grand master is simply posting everything that happens to his own private circles rather than making them public, but still -- it doesn't look great to onlookers keen to see what Google Plus can do.

Google Plus is Google's answer to Facebook, and while it's been up and running for a few months now, it doesn't appear to have made much of an impact.

Google said it had over 10 million Google Plus users in mid-June, but only Google knows how many of those folks have stuck around, and how many were just popping in to see what it was like. Facebook now has 750 million active users, which is a terrifyingly large number.

Our own experience of Google Plus is that it's certainly slick, and offers a bunch of features we're very keen on. But it feels empty, and it's hard to ignore the pull of Facebook, where all our buddies are already firmly entrenched.

Google appears to be very keen on Google Plus, and has closed down a range of its products, including Google Labs, to focus more on its social network. Pleasing the early adopters is one thing, but we reckon that to be a success, Google will need to tempt the ordinary Web surfer to try Google Plus. Our experiences suggest most people aren't even aware the service exists.

If all this talk of circles and friend feeds has got your mind scrambled, you'd do well to check out our explanatory Google Plus video.

Are you in love with Google Plus? Or does Facebook hold your heart? Let us know in the comments section below, or on our Facebook wall.