Handy app bypasses AT&T's ridiculous iPhone Wi-Fi sign-up process

My squeaky wheel gets greased. Devicescape's Easy Wi-Fi directly addresses my complaints about the free Wi-Fi the carrier now provides.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
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Rafe Needleman
No more SMS two-step.

"They wrote this for you," Josh said in IM to me about Devicescape's Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T, an app that directly addresses my complaints about the free Wi-Fi that AT&T now provides to iPhone users at Starbucks and various airports.

As I wrote, I dislike the Safari/SMS two-step required to authorize the iPhone to use the AT&T free Wi-Fi. Yes, it's looking a gift horse in the mouth. But I am a professional crank. I really do get paid for this.

Anyway, the Easy Wi-Fi app bypasses the SMS process with a single button. You do have to pre-load the app with your phone number. But only once. And you also have to connect to the AT&T access point through the iPhone's control panel first, but once you've done that, you just press the big Log In button and you're connected.

I tried this app at a Starbucks. I downloaded the app over my phone's cellular connection, put in my phone number (both things I'll never have to do again), connected to the store's Wi-Fi router, fired up the Easy Wi-Fi, pressed Log In, and I was connected. Much better than the old way. Thank you, Devicescape.

Easy Wi-Fi is free through Friday. Then it goes up to $1.99. So grab it now (iTunes link).

First spotted: Gizmodo.