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Halloween pumpkins horrify Google with giant jack-o-lanterns

A Halloween Google doodle shows some of the world's biggest pumpkins being transformed into giant Googular jack-o-lanterns.

Woooo! WoooOOOoooo! What's that noise? Is it just the wind stirring the trees -- or is it a dread army of the undead clamouring for your very soul? Or is it a Halloween Google doodle showing some of the world's biggest pumpkins being transformed into giant Googular Halloween jack-o-lanterns?

The pumpkins, weighing up to 600kg, were grown in California and brought to Google's Mountain View headquarters, known as the Googleplex, for the special Halloween video -- read on to see how it was done.

The doodle is a time-lapse video set to a jaunty soundtrack of the immense Halloween lanterns being carved, complete with a visiting cast of literally some. One of the visitors is the pumpkin-hued Pegman, the little flying chap who helps you navigate around Street View in Google Maps.

Here's a making-of video:

It's not the first time Google has celebrated either fruit and veg or pagan festivals: a recent doodle honoured vitamin C discoverer Albert Szent-Gyorgyi with an orange-flavoured doodle, and the Summer Solstice was marked by an anime-style image.

Halloween is our favourite holiday, not just for the spooky fun but for the morning after, when legions of red-eyed, blood-stained zombies lurch blank-faced for home. Actually it's not that different from a usual weekend, come to think of it.

Did you celebrate Halloween this weekend or are you going all-out tonight? Which fiend are you dressing up as, and what was the best costume you saw this weekend? Carve your stories in the flesh of the comments section below or slash your way across our Facebook page.