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Hallo, 'House of Cards.' Netflix launches in the Netherlands

As planned, the streaming video service spreads to the Netherlands, the latest move in an international expansion that has Netflix betting the bank.


Netflix has launched in the Netherlands, bringing its full slate of original programs and a large library of on-demand television and movies to the European country.

The company announced the planned Netherlands expansion in June. The service is available for 7.99 euros a month, and the company's traditional one-month free trial is available as well.

Netflix's international aspirations have received a sliver of the attention that its original-content aims have, but expansion abroad is getting the lion's share of the company's investment. The current strategy is to put all of its domestic profits back into international investment, Chief Executive Reed Hastings has said. With Netflix wary of eventually reaching domestic saturation, markets overseas are important as potential troves of fresh subscribers.

The company's international usership is a fraction of its domestic one, but demand for premium television and movie offerings is there. HBO, which has a head start in international markets, counts about 114 million subscribers worldwide, compared with Netflix's more than 37 million.

"The Dutch have incredible broadband, but until today have not been able to take full advantage of their fast connections," Hastings said in a statement.

In North America, Netflix has been found to eat up one-third of all downstream traffic during peak evening hours.

Hold on tight to your bandwidth, Netherlands.