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Hacking Team, maker of government spyware, gets hacked (video)

Leaked documents claim that the firm sold encryption-breaking spyware to many counties, including the U.S. Also, Amazon plans to out-deal Black Friday next week with Prime Day.

An Italian software company that helps governments hack into computers to spy on people... has been hacked.

Hacking Team, a small spyware maker from Milan, was hit by a data breach after hackers dumped more than 400 GB of internal documents online. It's difficult to prove the validity of the documents, but if true, it shows this company was supplying spy tools to multiple government agencies -- including oppressive regimes.

Watch CNET Update for details on the hack and the big questions it raises. Also in this report, learn about Amazon's Prime Day next week, along with Amazon's new cloud storage apps:

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Hacking Team, maker of government spyware, gets hacked