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Hackers hit Coke site

Coca-Cola takes down its Web site this weekend after being hacked.

Coca-Cola was forced to take down its Web site this weekend after being hacked.

Web surfers trying to log onto the Coca-Cola site today are being greeted with the following: "Hi! The Coca-Cola Company's Internet Web servers are temporarily down for maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please visit us again very soon."

The servers are down for maintenance because the company is examining exactly how and when the site was broken into and defaced over the weekend.

Some of the pages on the company's revolving front door were changed so that they read, in part, "You'll begin to look what you drink, to look in your Big Mac...and then you'll begin to understand that you are sheeps [sic]."

Carrie Bjorhaus, a spokeswoman for Coke, confirmed that the company has been aware of the hacking since Friday. She said that the site has never experienced anything like this before.

Coke is just the latest to suffer at the hands of Net pranksters. In May, the Los Angeles Police Department's site was changed to read, "Death Squad Home Page." The NCAA site was hacked in March and defaced with white supremacist slogans.

Government-affiliated sites like the Air Force, Central Intelligence Agency, and Department of Justice have also fallen victim in the last year.

Coke currently has no leads on the hack. The defaced home page contained a picture of a Coke bottle that read "ADM Crew," with words next to it that said, "break me."

"We don't know who is responsible, but we're certainly looking into it," Bjorhaus added.