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Guide sets date with the Net

CMP Media today launched NetGuide Live, a new TV Guide for the Net that provides a daily calander of events.

Aiming to create a kind of TV Guide for the Internet, CMP Media today launched NetGuide Live, a Web site that provides a daily calendar of events online.

As previously reported by CNET, the site combines a search engine, Web site reviews, and a timely list of online events, such as live chat and audio broadcasts. NetGuide Live, which leverages the brand name of CMP's NetGuide publication, uses a search technology from Oracle called ConText that provides more advanced querying of databases than is available on most Net search engines, CMP said. Initially though, ConText users can only search the NetGuide Live site's database, not a comprehensive index of the entire Web.

Today's launch was not without hiccups. The Web site, which is in beta testing, was inaccessible or slow to load for parts of the day due to technical foul-ups. "We're pretty overwhelmed in getting a site this complex going," said Dan Brekke, managing editor of NetGuide Live.

CMP has also scaled back its ambitions for the site which was originally to include, among other things, a Java applet that provided users with a graphical map of their travels through the Web. The applet and personalization capabilities for users may be incorporated into the site at a later date, according to company officials.

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